Kevin Paradis – Death Lab – Choose Me Over Us – Live Drum-Cam

Kevin Paradis – Death Lab – Choose Me Over Us – Live Drum-Cam

Death Lab was formed in November 2010 in Bordeaux, France. Guitar player SylverA started the band with drummer Arthur Mastella and bassist Simon Mageau pursuing the vision of a 3-piece technical Death Metal fronted by 2 singers in mind.

Quickly, the first songs came to life as a condensed mash-up of various influences and original ideas. The music was live-oriented, challenging and aimed to improve the musicians’ technical skills and abilities. With a single guitar part being played, an enhanced bass playing style added to an abundant extreme drumming were the right choices for the band’s music.

In late 2011, the trio went through significant line-up changes ending up as a duet for the recording of the first demo. When hitting up for the studio in December 2011, the band was composed of SylverA on guitar and Alexis Cadeillan on bass, which at the time both wanted to undertake the vocals duty. The instrumentals were recorded by sound engineer Mathieu Pascal (Gorod) at Bud Records Studio with programmed drums. Vocals were put on old at the time; two instrumental tracks were released online to introduce the project to the underground in Bordeaux.

Alexis left the band in summer 2012 to focus on musical studies. In addition to the recording, his contribution to the band was immortalized in a live bass video. After taking some time to consider the next move, vocals were recorded in December 2012 again with Gorod’s mastermind, and then re-recorded in April 2013 for a much better result. The first demo was mixed and mastered during summer 2013 still in Bud Records Studio for a self-release via Bandcamp in October 2013.

In November 2013, extreme drummer Kévin Paradis was announced as the official Death Lab drummer with a drum Play-through, completing the line-up to 2 over 3.

Kevin’s Gear :

Pearl Masterwork Drums:
Kick 18″ x 24″ – 12 plies of mahogany
Snare 6.5″ x 13″ – 4 inner-plies of birch and 8 of mahogany
Rack toms 10″ x 10″ and 12″ x 12″ – 10 plies mahogany
Floor toms 14″ x 14″ and 16″ x 16″ – in mahogany

Sabian cymbals:
17″ AAX X-treme china brilliant finish
14″ HH hi-hat
16″ HHX X-treme crash
9″ stage bell
12″ AAX mini china brilliant finish
18″ HHX X-treme crash
22″ HH power bell ride brilliant finish
19″ AAX X-treme china brilliant finish

Evans drumheads:
Emad II on kick drums
EC frosted on snare top
G2 clear on rack toms and floor toms 14″
EC II clear on floor toms 16″
G1 clear on reso rack toms
G12 clear on reso floor toms

Promark 808 oak drumsticks

Trick drums USA Pro1-V bigfoot drum pedal, and SB1 trigger.

Damnar Zoro signature beaters.

Death Lab :

Kevin Paradis :