Incantation Euro Tour News

John McEntee of INCANTATION:
This will be a devastating line up, Rayash (Supreme Lord) did a amazing job on the Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation tour earlier this year. He is a great guy to work with and a true metal warrior. It will also be a honor to work with long time friend Craig Smilowski (Goreaphobia, Immolation), he is a killer drummer and all around great guy. I think you guys will be impressed with this unholy force of metal we have ready for this tour!"

Once again my American Metal Brother John McEntee from INCANTATION had offered me the participation in their European Tour. I'm excited as hell and very proud of the fact that I will be able to enforce the INCANTATION line-up and support them on bass guitar during the upcomming 50 gigs in September and October of 2007. Together with John McEntee and Craig Smilowski we will kick your asses! You will die motherfuckers! It will be a true hellish Death Metal Domination! See you in Poland! "

Craig Smilowski:

I am extremely excited about this news! I have been rehearsing with long time friend John McEntee INCANTATION/Funerus along with Alex Bouks/Goreaphobia I received a phone call via Alex that John wanted to talk to me about a tour and when we spoke I told John 'I would be honored.' What makes this so special for me is that I get to see Poland. There are many shows scheduled in Poland and I am extremely excited to play there. I personally would like to take a moment to thank John McEntee for giving me this opportunity and I am looking forward to upcoming tour and to meeting all my (Polish brethren.)

Here are the INCANTATION dates for Europe:

INCANTATION with Krisiun, Rotting Christ and Crionics
31.08.07 LIT Vilnus @ Mulen Ruzas
01.09.07 LAT Riga @ Melna Piektdiena
02.09.07 EST Tallin @ Nomme Cult
03.09.07 FIN Tampere @ Hella
04.09.07 FIN Turku @ Klubi
05.09.07 FIN Helsinki @ Nosturi
06.09.07 FIN Kuopio @ Henry's Pub
07.09.07 FIN Oulu @ tba
08.09.07 SWE Umea @ Midnight
09.09.07 NOR Trondheim @ Zone/Blaest
10.09.07 NOR Oslo @ Maiden
11.09.07 SWE Goteborg @ Belsepub
12.09.07 GER Kiel @ Pumpe
13.09.07 GER Hannover @ Headbanger Ballroom
14.09.07 GER Berlin @ K17

INCANTATION with Vader, Rotting Christ and Krisiun
16.09 (RUS) St-Petersburg @ Orlandina
18.09 (RUS) Ufa @ Ogni Ufy
19.09 (RUS) Ekaterinburg tba
20.09 (RUS) Magnitogorsk @ DK Ordzhonikidze
21.09 (RUS) Samara @ Strokovski Park
22.09 (RUS)Moscow @ Tochka
23.09 (BY) tba

INCANTATION with Krisiun, Inactive Messiah and Estuary
12.10.07 SK Bratislava @ Randal
13.10.07 CZ Brno @ Faval
14.10.07 HUN Budapest @ Blue Hell
15.10.07 ROM Cluj Napoca @ tba
16.10.07 ROM Bucarest @ Preoteasa
17.10.07 BUL Sofia @ tba
18.10.07 GRE Thessaloniki @ Eightball
19.10.07 GRE Atheens @ Underworld Club
20.10.07 GRE Kozani @ Otherside
21.10.07 MAC Skopje @ MKC
22.10.07 travel day
23.10.07 SER Belgrade @ SKC
24.10.07 BOS Tuzla @ Palma
25.10.07 CRO Zagreb @ Mochvara
26.10.07 SLO Kranj @ Izbruhov Kulturni Bazen
27.10.07 A Gleisdorf @ Kulturkeller
28.10.07 A Wien @ Escape

INCANTATION with Vader, Krisiun, Rotting Christ and Funerus
27.09.2007 Warszawa @ Progresja
28.09.2007 Lublin @ Graffiti
29.09.2007 Elk @ Centrum Kultury
30.09.2007 Torun @ Od Nowa
01.10.2007 Gdynia @ Ucho
02.10.2007 Bydgoszcz @ Vanila Club
03.10.2007 Poznan @ Zeppelin
04.10.2007 Zielona Góra @ Winiarnia
05.10.2007 Lubin @ CK Muza
06.10.2007 Zabrze @ Wiatrak
07.10.2007 Bielsko Biala @ Rudeboy
08.10.2007 Kraków @ Rotunda
09.10.2007 Rzeszów @ Pod Palma
10.10.2007 Lódz @ Funaberia 2