Glen Trayhern – Bane of Bedlam – Plagueborn – Drum Play-through

Bane of Bedlam is an extreme metal band from Brisbane, Australia that, up until 2016 had Glen Trayhern at the drum helm. Glen started out playing guitar at the age of 14 at first, but after jumping behind a kit, he found the drums were the instrument for him. This song is Glen playing “Plagueborn,” from their ‘Congenital’ album released February 2017 via Kobalt Music.

The first few years were spent getting together with school friends and jamming some covers and a few originals until the age of 18, since then he has been in 3 bands, Merkury, 13 Black Fridays and lastly Bane of Bedlam, a band which helped to shape his sound, pushing his drumming ability to new heights.

The shared influences, including bands like Pantera, Slayer, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God etc. plus the love of performing and the combined talents of the members meant that Bane of Bedlam were sure to get heads moving and that they did.

After numerous shows, an EP, 2 full-length releases, and after much deliberation, Glen decided to step down as the drummer for Bane of Bedlam due to personal circumstances mid-2016.  But here he is, smashing through ‘Plagueborn’ from the ‘Congenital’ album released February 2017 via Kobalt Music.

Glen’s Gear:

Sonor Select Force Drums
10″, 12″ Rack toms
14″ Floor tom
14 x 6.5″ snare
22 x 20″ Bass drum
Remo Heads on toms and bass drum
Evans Hybrid on the snare

Zildjian Z3 22″ Megabell Ride
Zildjian Z3 14″ Hi-Hats
Zildjian Z-Custom 18″ Rock Crash
Sabian 17″ Holy China
Sabian 16″ AAX Thin Crash
Stagg 18″ SH Crash
Stagg 8″ Myra Splash

Mapex Falcon Pedals

Vic Firth 5AX Nylon tip sticks

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Twitter: @baneofbedlam