Angel Guts – Mike Curl Returns

Started in 2002 By guitarist Paul Taylor and vocalist/bassist/drummer Novy Harris, Angel Guts has never strayed from their chosen path of blatant, hatred-induced blasphemy. They've always been a do-it-yourself band, and have never had the slightest inclination to do anything experimental, thus religiously staying within the realm of death metal. Backed by the crushing riffs of Paul and the blast beats of Mike Curl, Novy's lyrics lay the foundation for the blasphemous ideology that Angel Guts strives to preach to those bold enough to listen. Mike Curl - Angel GutsMusically influenced by the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Immolation(to name a few) they have never tried to be some innovative new act but instead have chosen to stick to their roots and just play death metal the way they think it should be played. After five months off, Angel Guts is back plotting destruction, with the follow-up to 2006's Perpetual Hatred. Mike Curl is back in the band after a recent leave of absence. Although they never purposely seek to bury the last album, the new album's material is sounding malevolent as ever with 7 songs completely written and a couple in the making. The writing process is never one that the blasphemous trio likes to rush, every track is given plenty of attention so that it may achieve the desired effect of devastating the listener. Angel Guts has already shared the stage with death metal legends(and obvious influence) Incantation, along with Year Of Desolation and Colombia's Internal Suffering. Angel Guts plan on doing extensive shows in support of Perpetual Hatred following Mike Curls return, and will be going into the studio sometime in the near future to record yet another brutal masterpiece that will crush Christianity like an annoying little insect.