Tobias Persson – Visceral Bleeding – Absorbing The Disarray


Band Name: Visceral Bleeding
Drummer Name: Tobias "Rotten Boy" Persson
Album Name: Absorbing The Disarray
Release Date: 2007-05-09
Studio Name: Flatpig Studios (In Malmö, Sweden)
Engineer Name: Dejan Milenkovits
Cymbals: Sabian, Paiste
17" AAX Studio Crash
18" AAX Dark Crash
19" AAXplosion crash
19" AAXtreme Chinese
18" HH Chinese
14" HHX Groove Hats
10" Paragon splash
10" AA splash
20" Paiste 2002 Power ride
Drums: Adams 8000
22" x 18" Bass drum (Remo Ambassador clear)
10" x 8" Rack tom (Remo Ambassador clear)
12" x 9" Rack tom (Remo Ambassador clear)
14" x 10" Rack tom (Remo Ambassador clear)
16" x 16" Floor tom (Remo Ambassador clear)
14" x 5.5" Free Floating Adams Brass Snare (Remo Controlled Sound X)
Pedals: Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide Twin-pedals
Triggers used on the bass drum, but only to easier control the volume. The natural bass drum sound was used.