Michiel Van Der Plicht – God Dethroned – Under The Sign of The Iron Cross


Band Name: God Dethroned / Prostitute Disfigurement
Drummer Name: Michiel “Mike” van der Plicht
Album Name: Under the sign of the iron cross
Release Date: November 2010
Studio Name: Soundlodge
Engineer Name: Jörg Uken
Cymbals: Zildjian (from left to right)
22" Rock ride
18" A custom china
13" K hihats
17" A custom projection crash
10" ZHT china splash
17" A custom projection crash
10" A custom splash
18" A custom projection crash
14" A hihats
20" A custom china
22" Rock ride
17" A custom crash 
Drums: Tama Starclassic Bubinga
(2) 22" x 18" Bass drums (Evans EQ4 clear)
08" x 07" Rack tom (Evans EC2 clear)
10" x 08" Rack tom (Evans EC2 clear)
12" x 09" Rack tom (Evans EC2 clear)
13" x 10" Rack tom (Evans EC2 clear)
16" x 16" Floor tom (Evans EC2 clear)
14" x 06" Starphonic Snare (Evans Power center) 
Pearl Demon Drive’s 
Roland triggers mounted to my 2 kick drums – with a ddrum4 sampler 
Studio Tips:
Always play like it would be your last performance ever! Always give 100%