Kirk Carrison – Echoes of Eternity – As Shadows Burn

Band Name: Echoes Of Eternity
Drummer Name: Kirk Carrison
Album Name: As Shadows Burn
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Studio Name: The Liar
Engineer Name: Logan Mader

Cymbals: Zildjian / Sabian

14" Zildjian K Custom Hihat
22" Zildjian  Z Custom Power Ride
18" Sabian AAX Studio Crash
20" Sabian AA Thin Crash
08"  Sabian AA Splash
10" Sabian AA Splash
12" Wuhan China Splash
20" Wuhan China

Drums:  Gretsch Renown Maple (prototype model)

22" x 18" Bass drum (Remo Emperor Clear)
22" x 18" Bass drum (Remo Emperor Clear)
10" x 8" Rack tom (Remo Emperor Clear)
12" x 9" Rack tom (Remo Emperor Clear)
14” x 14” Rack Tom (Remo Emperor Clear)
16" x 14" Floor tom (Remo Emperor Clear)
18" x 16" Floor tom (Remo Emperor Clear)
14" x 6" Snare (Remo Emperor Coated)

Pedals:  2x Axis Longboard A Sonic Hammer Beaters

Triggers / Microphones: 

Axis Sonic Hammer Triggers mounted to my (2) Axis Longboard A Pedals, running into an Alesis D4 on the "regge" setting, pitched down -2
Sennheiser e904 for my 8", 10", and 12" rack toms
AKG D112 for my 14" floor tom
AKG D112 for my 22” Bass Drums
Shure SM57 on Top and bottom head
Neumann TLM 102 placed over my kit to capture the sound image from the drummer’s perspective.

Studio Tips:

Before we recorded any takes, we tuned the drums and recorded a strike on each drum. After each song take, we’d listen back to the recorded drum strikes, and tune them accordingly. This ensured consistent turning throughout a few days of recording.

Drummer Comments:

Recording my drums in a great sounding room really made a big difference overall. My drums really sounded alive and the low end came through very well on the recording. The room matters!