Chris Reifert – Autopsy – Macabre Eternal 2011


Band Name: Autopsy
Drummer Name: Chris Reifert
Album Name: Macabre Eternal
Release Date: May/June 2011
Studio Name: Fantasy Studios
Engineer Name: Adam Munoz
Cymbals: Mostly Zildjian
3 crash (depending on how many are broken at the time)
1 china
1 ride
1 bell
one pair of hi-hats
Mostly Zildjian, not sure what sizes off the top of my head. Nothing too thin or small though.
Drums: Premier Cabria, Black
4 rack toms, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”
1 floor tom 16”
1 snare 14”
2 bass drums 22”
Jim Beam whiskey. 
I think I need to put my old Tama set back together, as it's bigger and louder. It's just so damn filthy!
Pedals:  Can't remember what brand. I break 'em pretty frequently so there's always a new type I'm trying that I hope will last, but they never do! Haha! 
Triggers / Microphones:  
No triggers, no samples, no click tracks, no crutches, just drums! No mics in particular. I only have my drums mic'd in the recording studio or at a live gig. I play hard and loud and have no problem being heard in the rehearsal room. Boom! Bang! Crash!
Studio Tips:
I try to fuck up as little as possible! Hah!
Drummer Comments:
God, what pathetic answers I've been giving! Sorry, I'm just not a gear nut. I just like to beat the shit out of the drums and make it sound interesting to myself and maybe even others on a good day. However, if anyone out there wants to hook me up with free gear, I can learn what all those shiny little parts are and talk about them in great detail.. Hhhmmmm….