Single Stroke Four – 40 International Drum Rudiments

2. Single Stroke Four – This rudiment is in Section I “Roll Rudiments” of the International Drum Rudiments.
These rudiments were recorded by Thomas Drachmann for Sick Drummer Magazine, according to the official International Drum Rudiments, which can be downloaded here. As with all rudiments, practice them at a slow tempo and gradually increase your speed as they become second-nature. Compromising fluidity for speed is never a good idea, so if you want to also use a metronome, that’s a great idea. Additionally, practice these rudiments with your lead hand alternating between your left and right.

Thomas Drachmann is a young up and coming Danish session drummer. Just 19 years old, Thomas has been playing drums since he can remember. At 16 Thomas won the Young Drummer of the Year drum competition in Denmark and he attended Performers House Music, a folk high school in Silkeborg, Denmark, specialized in offering programs for young people with a special interest in music, dance, and theater. Thomas endorses Yamaha Drums and Avantgarde Cymbals.

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