NAMM 2019 – TRX Introduces New Cross-Matched High-Hat – The DRK-X

NAMM 2019 – TRX Introduces New Cross-Matched High-Hat – The DRK-X. Based on the popularity of their DRK-BRT “cross-matched” hi-hat, the TRX Cymbal Co. LLC has released another set of hi-hats that combines two different cymbals, the DRK-X. The new model is available in 13˝, 14˝, 15˝ and 16˝ sizes and features a DRK series bottom cymbal with an X series top cymbal.

While the DRK-BRT features a combination of a DRK series bottom and a BRT series top and offers brightness, articulation, and explosiveness, the DRK-X combination has an equally distinctive personality with warmth, crispness, and trashiness.

See and hear the TRX DRK-X hi-hats during NAMM at Booth #6329, visit the TRX website at


About TRX Cymbals: Strong, young newcomers, the TRX Cymbal Co. was established in 2006 to bring the quality of traditional Turkish cymbals to modern drummers. Today, TRX offers three distinct lines of high-quality, handcrafted cymbals that have been developed to meet the musical needs of contemporary drummers and drumming styles as well as their economic needs: TRX®, TRX® Special Edition and CRX®.

By listening to modern drummers, we learned how important sonic diversity and contrast are in modern drumming. So, starting with a core of dark, medium and bright cymbals, we created an expanded spectrum that provides the widest and most musically relevant range of sounds possible while allowing today’s players to select a “High Contrast” cymbal set that’s custom-made for the way they play.

Even though TRX is a small, “boutique” cymbal company, we’re big on quality. Focusing on quality instead of quantity isn’t the fastest, easiest or least expensive way to make cymbals. But it’s never been our goal to be one of the biggest cymbal companies in the world—just one of the best.

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