NAMM 2018 – Roland Announces RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module

Roland announces the RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module, an innovative new hybrid percussion product that makes it easy to trigger electronic sounds from any acoustic snare or tom. Offering all-in-one convenience, it combines a piezo trigger, microphone, and sound module in a small battery-powered device that mounts quickly, with no tools required. The RT-MicS comes loaded with eight high-quality sounds, and also supports loading user samples via USB.

The preloaded sounds in the RT-MicS include handclap and snare variations designed to layer with an acoustic snare. Using the free RT-MicS Sender software on a Mac or PC, players can replace the factory sounds with custom WAV sounds. Each can be up to 10 seconds in length, enabling the triggering of sustained sounds likes gongs, cymbals, timpani, and even sound effects. Via the software, sounds can be assigned for triggering from the rim only if desired.

Electronic sounds are selected from the playing position with a large button on the RT-MicS. Sounds can also be muted/unmuted easily, and a dedicated control is on hand to adjust the trigger sensitivity as needed.

With its integrated microphone, the RT-MicS allows the user to amplify their acoustic snare or tom sound through a PA without having to use a separate mic. Individual quarter-inch outputs are provided for the mic and electronic sounds, and it’s also possible to blend the two sounds inside the RT-MicS and send them to a single output.

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