Yamaha DT50 Series Drum Triggers at NAMM 2017

Yamaha Drum TriggersAt NAMM 2017 Yamaha showcased the latest additions to the company’s family of drum triggers, the DT50S, and DT50K, providing drummers with a professional and complete solution for creating acoustic/electronic hybrid drum kits. Keeping up with this generation’s musical innovations and demands, the DT50 Series offers a reliable approach for pro players and hobbyists alike.

This hybrid setup includes the DT50S, designed for snares and toms, and the DT50K for bass drums. Both models feature a solid metal die-cast body, chrome finish, and Yamaha Absolute lug-style design to maintain a durable, clean and professional look. The revamped, stylish form matches acoustic drum hardware to blend in with the appearance and feel of any acoustic drum kit.

Yamaha has incorporated input from top Yamaha Artists to set the standard for quality and accurate drum triggers. The DT50S features dual-trigger capability, with complete isolation between the head and rim sensors to capture vibrations separately, giving drummers the most accurate sound when triggering. Both models from the series mount easily on virtually any rim and offer a small trigger footprint and soft material for head contact so that the acoustic drum sound is unimpeded. Easily secured with a thumb screw, both models sit firmly on the drum, offering stability and simple setup.

A 1/4” cable is also included, enabling drummers to use their triggers to transmit signals to their Yamaha DTX900M, DTX700, DTX502, DTXM12 or other drum modules, opening up a limitless range of sounds. Yamaha electronic drum modules are equipped with a firmware update that provides optimal trigger presets for these new models.

“These new triggers expand the range of an acoustic drum set to include an endless assortment of electronically generated sounds,” said Steven Fisher, marketing manager, drums, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Our team incorporated the best features from previous models while developing new technology, allowing drummers to integrate sounds and effects creatively into their performance.”

Yamaha DT50S (MSRP: $129) and DT50K (MSRP: $129) are now shipping.