Ray Luzier of Korn – Freewill + Drum Solo – HURRY! A Celebration of Rush Music – NAMM 2016

Ray Luzier of KornFreewill and Drum Solo – Filmed at HURRY! A Celebration of Rush Music. Part of the yearly Bash Fest series at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

This event, as well as the Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered tribute, were produced by Brian Tichy.

Visit: http://www.bashfest.us for more info on future events.

Ray Luzier, a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, is best known for his work with Korn. Ray is an amazing player with intense power, dynamic finesse, and unique creativity.

It was funny actually… we recorded all three nights of Bash Fest and for the most part, everyone’s levels on the mic’s we used were the same. Then we loaded Ray’s footage up for edit and immediately noticed the spike in volume, as he hits the drums so much harder. Not too hard, but just the right amount to still be respectful to those he was paying respect to, yet enough to stand out among the rest. Ray has also played with bands and musicians like: David Lee Roth, KXM, Army of Anyone, Billy Sheehan, Hideous Sun Demons, and almost countless others.

You can keep up with Ray, his endorsements, shows, clinics and appearances on his website here. Ray was also the cover feature on the 28th issue of Sick Drummer Magazine, which can be seen here, until our next issue. It will then be available to subscribers in the magazine and issue download sections of our site.

Sick Drummer Magazine captured the entire evening and will be posting more videos here in the coming days. We also captured most of the “Bonzo Bash,” and some of the “Randy Rhoads Remembered Tribute.” Be sure to check back…