Jason Bittner – Natural Science + Drum solo – HURRY! A Celebration of Rush Music – NAMM 2016

HURRY! A Celebration of Rush Music 2016 – Jason Bittner “Natural Science.” This event, as well as the Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered tribute, were produced by Brian Tichy.

Jason Bittner, drummer best known for his work with Shadows Fall, really brought this song home. His respect and honor for Neil Peart shined through out of all the performances of the evening. His attention to small details, hat-timing, feel, groove and execution, were a pleasure to watch and film. Jason currently plays for Flotsam and Jetsam, and is also known for his work in Burning Human, as well as having filled in for Anthrax, his drum clinics, and much, much more. A very well known, and underrated drummer.

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Sick Drummer Magazine captured the entire evening and will be posting more videos here in the coming days. We also captured most of the “Bonzo Bash,” and some of the “Randy Rhoads Remembered Tribute.” Be sure to check back, and feel free to share the link wherever you like! There is no other footage out there like this footage! We were honored to be part of it, the only ones with stage/kit access, and are more than happy to bring this footage to you.