NAMM 2015 – Ultimate Ears Fitting With Mike Heller and Shariq Tucker

Ultimate Ears (UE) has completely revolutionized the custom in-ear design and fitting process, by doing away with the old “fill your ear with goop,” and using CAD software and 3-D printers to bring the whole ordeal seamlessly into the digital world. In this video you will see how Mike Heller and Shariq Tucker were scanned for their new in-ear monitors at NAMM 2015. The whole painless process took about 15 minutes, and from fitting to delivery can be as quick as 3 weeks. The pricing ranges from $400.00 and up, and everyone we have ever talked to using them say the price is not as important as how amazing, and beneficial, these units are. You can read a review written last year by Gus Rios here. Reviews from Mike and Shariq will be posted soon, so please do check back!


You may know Mike Heller from his work with Fear Factory, but he is also the linear madman behind technical metal masters, Malignancy. He formed System Divide, and has worked with many others including: Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky, Secrets She Kept, Kalopsia, Zillah, and more. Additionally, Mike studied at the Collective School of Music in New York City, and now is the go to teacher for many, many aspiring and established drummers in the extreme metal community.

Shariq Tucker was the winner of the 26th Annual 2014 Guitar Center Drum Off. This was the second time in the finals for the 22 year old Bronx, NY native, but taking home the prize this year left him with tears of joy. Beating out over 5,000 competitors across the country, and taking home a prize package valued at over $45,000.00, Shariq now joins the ranks of previous winners who have gone on to play for acts like: Suicidal Tendencies, Jay-Z, Prince, and many more. Shariq, who has been playing drums since age 3 said: “I was determined to take home the title this year, It’s been one of my major goals. Winning this competition means the world to me.”

For more information on Ultimate Ears, the benefits of using them, and the individual pricing and features offered, please visit their website here: The photo on this page features the UE4 model, which goes for $400.00.

As another successful NAMM Show comes to a close, buyers and exhibitors from around the world leave Anaheim armed with inspiration, fortified relationships, and new strategies to help them resonate with their customers in the coming year. Winter NAMM 2015 took place in Anaheim, California, January 22nd – 25th and again, was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.