NAMM 2015 – Sabian Unveils The Big And Ugly Ride Cymbal Collection – Plus B8X Series


Sabian unveiled the Big and Ugly Ride cymbals at Winter NAMM 2015. These powerful cymbals produce a big, dark, dry, organic and almost imperfect sound, as each one is totally unique due to the “one at a time” manufacturing process. The Big & Ugly collection includes the following cymbal models: the King Ride, Nova Ride, Pandora Ride, Phoenix Ride, Apollo Ride, and Monarch Ride cymbals. These new releases from Sabian will surely add a new “dark side” to any drum kit.

“We know drummers are actively looking for new sounds, and more often than not, these new sounds are old sounds with modern characteristics. As a company that thrives on blending old world cymbal-making with cutting-edge innovation, SABIAN is perfectly positioned to deliver,” comments Sabian CEO Andy Zildjian. “And while the name of the collection may be a little “out-there”, it’s meant to make a statement that these are the cymbals modern drummers are seeking: cymbals that are big – and ugly. Of course, ugly is relative – to us, they’re beautiful!”



The Collection:

AA APOLLO 22” & 24”
Versatility, versatility, versatility. Hit it hard for a modern sound, or play it with dynamics for controlled stick and sublime shimmer. Apollo was the God of Music and Poetry − this incredible ride cymbal delivers both.

HH PANDORA 22” & 24”
Medium-dark in tone, medium-light in weight, this is the cymbal for players who like “Blue” notes. Sitting comfortably between the HH King and HH Nova in pitch and tone, it’s the musical equivalent of opening Pandora’s Box!

HH KING 22” & 24”
Goldilocks would love the King Ride − it’s that “just right” amount of dry, dark and wash. Powerful and sophisticated, it may be the most complex cymbal of the collection because depending how you strike it, it can be so many things.

HH NOVA 22” & 24”
Like the one-of-a-kind Ride you find in a dusty rack at the back of a pawn shop, the Nova delivers extremes − as in, extremely low and extremely dry. So if you like being out on the edge musically, this may be the Ride for you.

Modern players who thrive on exploring a new sonic range will love the dark, mature tones that rise Phoenix-like from this special Ride. If that sounds too much like jazz to you, rest assured it’s not. With the most cut in the collection, it’s also the most consistent and controlled.

Xs20 MONARCH 22”
Medium-Thin, with straight-ahead, focused sound, the Monarch delivers vintage look and feel, and fantastic crashability, at an unbelievable value. Like that amazing cymbal you found in a garage sale, you’ll consider this a huge score.

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Also new at NAMM this year was the B8X Series of cymbals. The B8 Series has been around since the mid-eighties and has been one of the best selling lines for Sabian. They have been reveamped a few times, but this year they really raised the bar. They have added extra hammering, hammered the bell (which has bnever been done on this style cymbal), added pinpoint lathing on the bell and traditional lathing on the rest for a nice contrast. With added adjusted profiles and bell sizes, they have really enhanced the sound and quality of this line of cymbals. Perhaps the best pasrt is that all the enhancements did not change the already affordable pricing of the B8 series.

As another successful NAMM Show comes to a close, buyers and exhibitors from around the world leave Anaheim armed with inspiration, fortified relationships, and new strategies to help them resonate with their customers in the coming year. Winter NAMM 2015 took place in Anaheim, California, January 22nd – 25th and again, was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.