NAMM 2015 – Navene Koperweis & Frank Costa of Entheos – 2BOX Trigit Acoustic Triggers – TAMA


As you may already know, back in 2013 TAMA signed a US distribution deal for the Swedish 2BOX AB e-drums. Starting their US launch with their celebrated Drumit Five MkII configuration, 2box AB has made quite an impact. Featuring an extensive catalog of pre-programmed sounds and loops, interchangeable heads, dual sound pads, multi-zone cymbals and an honest-to-goodness hi-hat stand, the Drumit Five MkII kits are designed to make the transition from acoustic to electronic drums as natural as possible.



This video features Navene Koperweis (ex: Animosity, Animals As Leaders) & Frank Costa of Entheos, playing some of their new songs at NAMM 2015. Navene is playing a combination of e-drums with rubber pads, and TAMA drums with mesh heads, utilizing the new 2BOX TrigIT Acoustic Drum Triggers. Turn your existing acoustic drum kit into a cuttingedge “Drum Sound Station”: the TrigIT Triggers installed on your drums can be connected to just about any drum module. The new Triggers are designed to work with all sound modules on the market. If you are still looking for a drum module, consider 2BOX’s DrumIt Five module. The TrigIT Triggers are a perfect match for this electronic drum module: taking full advantage of the module’s special settings and features, they unleash its true potential.

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As another successful NAMM Show comes to a close, buyers and exhibitors from around the world leave Anaheim armed with inspiration, fortified relationships, and new strategies to help them resonate with their customers in the coming year. Winter NAMM 2015 took place in Anaheim, California, January 22nd – 25th and again, was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.