Mike Ranne – Through The Eyes of The Dead – Decibel Defiance Tour Blog 2


Mike Ranne – Through The Eyes of The Dead – Decibel Defiance Tour Blog 2:
So we're heading into the final days of the Decibel Defiance Tour… What a ride! Since the last blog I submitted, we ran into a few problems. One being that our van was broken into in Pomona, california and luckily nothing was taken! Another being that Danny was shoved into the street by the bouncers at The Whiskey in LA, lost his balance, landed in the street and was run over by a passing truck that didn't even stop after he crushed Danny's hand. He has a few broken bones, but is still crushing the mic every night, a trooper for sure! 
Besides like 1 show, the crowds have been amazing. Everyone has been showing us a lot of love and it's truly been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the bands and crew on tour. I was lucky enough to meet up w/ quite a number of old friends on this tour as well, which is always nice when you're away from home. In NYC I got to hangout w/ my brother Todd Ranne (my bitter end guitarist). Then in Montreal (as I mentioned in the previous blog) we met up w/ the Despised Icon / Beneath The Massacre dudes and hungout… Mercedes Lander from Kittie and Jeff from ABACABB came out to the toronto show, it was so dope getting to see those guys (and girl). Salt Lake City brought my good friend Justin Stage out, as well as a few of the dudes from Chelsea Grin (that was an all nighter). Pretty much every State we went to, we were lucky enough to link up w/ someone from a band we toured w/ previously. I know Jake & Justin were hanging out w/ the guys from JFAC in Tempe AZ too, but I don't know those guys at all, so we didnt really talk.
I gotta admit, I was super nervous going into this tour! Suffocation have been considered living legends not only to me, but the entire death metal community. They turned out to be the coolest bunch of guys I ever met, and I seriously mean that. Terrance has been like an older brother to me on this tour. Dude is always looking out. Mike Smith is mad cool too and talking about drums w/ him is something I used to only wish I could do. He also introduced me to Pete Sandoval in Tampa… I was speechless (and also pretty hammered). Derek is the nicest dude on the planet hands down. His folks came out to a show in California and prepared this amazing feast for the entire tour package! I can tell where he gets being such a rad dude from haha… and although I didn't talk as much w/ Frank and Guy, they were always super cool when I did. 
We (TTEOTD) are truly privileged as a band to be able to say we toured w/ these guys. The same goes for Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth and The Faceless. Those guys blew me away every night, and are all the sweetest dudes ever. I'm sure I'm leaving a whole mess of details out that will probably come back to me in the next few weeks, which is why I will be dropping in for another blog once tour is over and I have had time to reflect. 
It all went by so fast! Probably because (aside from a select few days) the tour has been one huge party. I have drum-cam vids of each drummer from the tour that I will be uploading very soon… Just bare w/me
~Mike Ranne