Mike Ranne – Through The Eyes of The Dead – Decibel Defiance Tour Blog 1


Mike Ranne – Through The Eyes of The Dead – Decibel Defiance Tour Blog 1:
So, the first week of tour is finished and we've had some great times already! I Went into this tour thinking there were going to be tons of egos, and man was I wrong. Everybody from crew to band members are all super legit people. Suffocation are some of the coolest dudes on the planet, and they are destroying every single night! Truly a time in my life I will never forget. 
Francesco Paoli (fleshgod apocalypse) has been using my kit for the tour and if anyone thinks that band can't pull off what they do live… All I have to say is come out and see for yourself. Being a drummer, I've obviously become friends w/ the other drummers on the tour first and I already knew quite a few people on this tour prior to being on it. Samus from Decrepit Birth and Lyle from The Faceless and super nice dudes! Talking drums and watching these guys perform each night has been so sick. 
We opened the tour in worcester MA @ The Rock and Shock Festival. So many dope bands played, it was seriously one huge party because I pretty much knew 75% of the people there! (haha) Suicide Silence co-headlined the fest and on tour with them was The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Molotov Solution and Conducting From The Grave, who all are our homies. We partied on the SS bus all night, and it got pretty rowdy. As Blood Runs Black, For The Fallen Dreams and Stick To Your Guns also played, and it was a pleasure to see those guys again as well. (I also met Bill Mosley and George Romero) 
The 2nd day of tour was in NYC! Great show, but the rain sucked. We spent the next 4 days in Quebec and although the language barrier was at times a pain in the ass, I got some amazing poutine and some gnarly dank buds too. We also got to party w/ Alex Grind and Steve from Despised Icon at the Montreal show, and we crashed at the Beneath The Massacre house. It was my first time meeting those dudes and I hope to tour with them asap. 
Once we got back to the States, we played in Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance which is pretty much my hometown venue. My Bitter End played our first show ever there and many others as well. Lots of fond memories of that place! 
Detroit was last night… It was a Deatfest of sorts, as we met up with Cattle Decapitation, Burning The Masses, Devourment and more. I got so hammered, I definately blacked out. I did however see Zach Gibson, Bart Williams, Trevor Strnad, and their homies in tow. A sweet surprise for sure, since I've now known the dudes in Black Dhalia Murder for almost 7 yrs and only get to see them when they're on tour (usually haha). Brian actually left some medicinal nugs for me w/ Dave from cattle;) Love that dude for that! 
We're in West Dundee, IL tonight, which is right outside Chicago. Gonna have some video footage posted within a few days. 
Rock ~ Mike Ranne