Jeramie Kling – The Absence – October 2013 Tour Blog 1

Jeramie Kling – The Absence – October 2013 Tour Blog 1
Day 1 – Tallahassee, Florida:

First 2 hours of tour are the best moments on earth! Super exciting, everyone’s pumped, gas station food, screaming in the van and then reality sets in and a bad smell from the back of the van makes it way upfront for you to enjoy and you're left with hours of boredom. Tallahassee here we come!
Roll up to Tallahassee and get to the venue that wasn’t a venue at all – it was a house! Right then we knew this was going to be exciting. Cases and cases of beer, a cute PA system and lots of people with huge hearts! Crowd was into it, lights off and a very intimate setting and then the sweat started pouring and we rocked the shit out of this house, actually thought we were going to fall through the floor as Jamie had people doing a stage diving contest off the couch. Hung out with everyone after and had a blast, packed up our gear and they were nice enough to let us crash where we played. Hopefully we will be able to do this again! 
Great people! A Huge Thank you to Ben and Jerry & Haff Way House – and back in the van… off to Raleigh!
The Absence Are:
Jamie Stewart – Lead Vocals
Patrick Pintavalle – Guitar, Vocals
Per Nilsson – Guitar
Jeramie Kling – Drums
Michael Joseph Leon – Bass
Jeramie is also the drummer of Infernaeon, who can be found here. Infernaeon's latest release 'The Cancer Within' is now available for purchase here or immediate download from iTunes, Amazon and you can get the physical CD from the Black & Blue Records website or your favorite local record store.
'The Cancer Within' was produced/recorded/mastered by the legendary James Murphy (Testament/Death/Obituary) of Safehouse Production and mixed by Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) of The Abyss in Sweden.
James Murphy was quoted as saying: "This is one of the best death metal albums I've worked on in a long time."
More blog posts and news from Jeramie coming soon…