George Kollias – Nile Euro Tour 2013 – Blog 1

Fifth day of the tour, pedals working better than anything I have ever played before! VERY happy every night! Well, not every night actually, thanks to Lot Airlines and US Airways my gear got lost and I had to borrow someone else's Axis A Longboards to do the show in Warsaw, which went ok.
I love the way this new beater sounds/feels! I can hear my natural kicks even with these loud monitors on stage and the weight is absolutely perfect. I keep telling for years, the beater is one of the most important things when it comes to the pedal. Even if you trigger, the weight of the beater and the shape are so critical for your playing.
Everybody on the tour loves the pedals and we are seriously having some of the smoothest shows. Tension is "almost" all the way up, gotta tell you these Microtube Spring Tensioners can go really tight!
These pedals work better than my previous A Longboards and what makes me really happy is that I get this right out of the box! They come with everything I needed before, so I can boost my pedals – hell yeah!
Stay tuned for more!
~ George Kollias
Upcoming Nile Tour Dates:
2013-09-05 – München (Backstage)
2013-09-06 – Bologna (Zona Roveri)
2013-09-07 – Spreitenbach (Open Circle Festival)
2013-09-08 – Darmstadt (Steinbruchtheater)
2013-09-10 – London (The Garage)
2013-09-11 – Manchester (NQ Live)
2013-09-12 – Glasgow (Audio Glasgow)
2013-09-13 – Dublin (Button Factory)
2013-09-14 – Dudley (Rock Zombie)
2013-09-15 – Brighton (The Haunt)
2013-09-16 – Cardiff (Bogiez Rock Bar)
2013-09-17 – Paris (Divan Du Monde)
2013-09-18 – Würzburg (Posthalle)
2013-09-19 – Breda (Mezz)
2013-09-20 – Vosselaar (Biebob)
2013-09-21 – Haarlem (Patronaat)
2013-09-22 – Leeuwarden (Romein)
2013-09-24 – Copenhagen (Amager Bio)
2013-09-25 – Hamburg (Markthalle)
2013-09-26 – Rostock (Alte Zuckerfabrik)
2013-09-27 – Szczecin (Slowianin)
2013-09-28 – Gdynia (Ucho)
2013-09-29 – Toruñ (Od Nowa)
2013-11-14 – Brisbane (The Hifi)
2013-11-15 – Sydney (The Manning Bar)
2013-11-16 – Melbourne (The Corner Hotel)
2013-11-17 – Perth (Amplifier Bar)
2013-12-14 – Lima (Bar Etnico)
2013-12-15 – Santiago (Caupolican)
2013-12-17 – Buenos Aires (Roxy Live Show)
2013-12-19 – Curitiba (Music Hall)
2013-12-21 – São Paulo (Carioca Club)
2013-12-22 – Porto Alegre (TBI)