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Matt DeGroot


Matt DeGroot is an up and coming Metal/Death/Grind Drummer from the heart of Illinois. At the age of Fifteen Matt and his band, Beneath the Hollow have already shared the stage with such national acts as Deveildriver,Gwar, A dozen Furies,Menemic, Goatwhore, Exodus, and Arsis. Starting at the age of seven Matt was raised around a musical family. With a father who played in bands he always had an array of drummers around to watch and learn from. Now with a unique style developed from a mix of old school Pantera groove and the intense blasting styles of todays death metal leaders, Matt DeGroot and his band are making a name for themselves in the Midwest and even further around the county. Check out Matt and his band’s latest release “Epedemic” Available now.


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Matt DeGroot Interview: How old were you when you started playing?

Matt: I was only 7 years old when my dad got me my first drum set for my birthday. Did you play in a school band or any drum corps?

Matt: No but i wish i would have. Who are your top 5 influences?

Matt: Vinnie Paul, Lord Marco, Brett Batdorf, Tim Yung, and Chris Adler. Assuming that influences doesn’t mean favorites, who are your favorites?

Matt: Vinny Paul, Deric Roddy, John Bodom, Shannon Larkin, ect. There are too many to really list.



Matt DeGroot Let us know 5 CD’s that are in your current rotation

Matt: Pantera (Great Southern Trend Kill), The Faceless (Akeldama ), Divine Heresy ( Bleed The Fifth ), Suicide Silence ( The Cleansing) and Through the Eyes of the Dead ( Malice) What do you do to warm up before a show?

Matt: I do all the stretches that Lord Marco shows on his DVD and i hook up my Axis AL-2 Longboards to my bass drum, set up my snare, and sit there and practice for about 10 to 15 minutes. Can you remember a night you think was your best playing ever? If yes, when and where?

Matt: Yes, we were playing with Gwar, Devil Driver, and A Dozen Furies at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Do you have a favorite brand of drums or cymbals?

Matt: Yes, my favorite brand of drums is Pearl, and my favorite cymbals are Paiste.



Matt DeGroot If you could give one piece of advice to young drummers, it would be…

Matt: Take every bit of advice from any type of drummer, such as jazz, metal, rock n roll any thing to improve your drumming skills, and also buy any instructional videos. Who gave the best live performance you’ve ever seen?

Matt: I would have to say Iron Maiden. If you had to stop drumming, what would you want to do with your life?

Matt: I would go into the recording and producing music business.