Rejectionary Art – Exocoetidae: Flying Fish – Featuring Morgan Ågren and Marco Minnemann

Paula Stefanini and Lee Wanner were born out of no where, just like you… and like you, they felt a strong connection with music. yada yada yada. Ok, smash cut to the present. Their paths have joined in Los Angeles, CA… almost irrelevant, as we are all neighbors via the internet. You, of course, are welcome to come over anytime for coffee or tea (but call first so we know to expect you). Musically reluctant to sign an exclusivity agreement with any one genre, they consistently expand their own horizons and hope to share in such experiences with you, the listener. It has been reported however, that when someone doesn’t like their music, they grieve about it over long winter evenings. Actually, that is not the case… hence the name, “Rejectionary Art”. The joy of exploring new musical territory and the pursuit of artistic growth acting as the only driving force behind the creation of the albums “Butterfly” (2012) and "Exocoetidae: Flying Fish" (2013); It proved to be an instant success among the like minded, generating a flood of encouragement from world wide respected artists.
Exocoetidae: Flying Fish (2013)
1- We The Artists (feat. Morgan Ågren)
2- This Hollywood Town
3- Happiness Is Always Somewhere Else (feat. Al Pimentel)
4- Funkuggah (feat. Dane Markanson, Jesse Malley, Luca Spanio, Gianni Rosati, Loyse Rosati)
5- Childhood
6- Little Cry
7- Oh Life
8- Rapture (feat. Marco Minnemann)
9- Rupture (feat. Marco Minnemann)
10- The Scientist and The Machine (feat. Oliver Vaid)
“Listening to a Rejectionary Art album is a feast for the melomaniac. That new one will please the more musically extroverted of us all. If you want metal, listen to the last song of this album, and their previous album, but if you just want bloody good music, you can put the album(s) on repeat indefinitely.Get this album (it’s clearly lacking to your collection), and like those geniuses on facebook!" – Dæv Tremblay, Can This Even Be Called Music?
“LOVE IT!!! It’s totally KILLER. Wow. Let me know when you’re releasing this, I want to share it!" – Thomas Lang
"Kanonkille. Kanonmusiker!" – Morgan Ågren