Alex Cohen

July 27, 2017 0

Keep up with Alex here: Read his full Biography on his website: Alex Cohen Interview: SDM: How old were you when you started playing? Alex:  I was 11 when I first started annoying my […]

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Eric Park Tour Info & Trick Endorsement

May 11, 2007 0

We just talked with Eric Park about Devourment getting rejected in London, England.  Apparently, nobody told the band they needed temporary work visa's to play the booked UK shows. The band was detained in a […]

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New Video Footage!

February 9, 2007 0

We have a new Street Team member named Remy, who was at the Misery Index, Origin, Burning Skies and Diskreet show in Germany last night. Necrophagist dropped the first week of shows on this tour and […]

Adam Jarvis

Win a Signed Snare Head From Adam Jarvis

February 6, 2007 0

It seems you can’t turn anywhere these days without hearing about Adam jarvis and The Misery Index! This is good for them, us and all metal fans alike. Adam and the band have tons of […]