Jeramie Kling – The Absence – Septic Testament – Exclusive SDM Drum Play-Through

Sick Drummer Magazine is happy and honored to release a new and exclusive SDM drum play-through video from industry legend and drummer, Jeramie Kling of The Absence. Not only is Jeramie an amazing and very hard working guy, but an all-around professional, and drummer. From his drumming work to his FOH, TM, or studio engineering, Jeramie does nothing half-assed. This is a new song entitled “Septic Testament,” and is available for digital download here.

From Jeramie: “I have been playing since I was 2-3 years old… Started jamming with friends a lot around the ages 12-14, and eventually forming a band at 16 years old. That band led to another band and then I started The Absence with Pete, Pat, Jamie and Nick. It was at this point I really started to up my practice regime. Heavy amounts of rudiments and drills. My main goal has been fluidity, always trying to become water. I really respect drummers like Tim Alexander (primus) and Stewart Copeland (the police), as they look so effortless while being so concise. No drum tones were harmed while making this video! No samples, and played by a human.”

Kit Specs

10,” 12,” 14,” 16″ toms – 22″ kick.

Snare – Crush 13″ x 7″ Hand-Hammered Nickel over Steel.

Jeramie Proudly Endorses:

Axis pedals

Vic firth sticks

Klotz cables

Halo microphones

Audix microphones

Septic Testament

The Absence Merch

With Jeff Loomis

New ‘Necromancing The Stone’ Lyric Video

With ‘Ribspreader’ (Sweden)

The latest Wombbath album – Jeramie also played Maryland Death Fest with Wormbbath this year: