Darren Cesca – Eschaton – Behold The Nexus – Exclusive Play-Through

This Darren CescaEschatonBehold The Nexus – Exclusive Play-Through video is a multiple-angle video of the track “Behold the Nexus” from Eschaton’s Sentinel Apocalypse, the band’s 2015 debut on Unique Leader Records.  “Behold the Nexus is an aggressive and dynamic track that takes you on a journey throughout. We wanted to reveal the many layers of this composition in order to give a better sense both of how it sounds and how it looks when played.”

Equipment Darren Cesca used in this video.

Drum Gear:

Spaun Drums (Used my former drumkit in the video)

TRX Cymbals

dB Drum Shoes



Guitar gear:

Guitars: Jackson SLATTXMG3-6 Soloist and Ibanez ARZ307

Amp: Peavey JSX

Cab: Marshall

Picks: Jim Dunlop Jazz III XL Series

Pedals: Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and MXR Smartgate

Eschaton has begun work on a new release set for 2017. It’s currently in the pre-production phase but we hope to have more news on it soon! For now check out the video and thank you everyone for the support!

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