Magazine Contributors

Why choose Sick Drummer Magazine?

Our magazine is both humbled and honored to have the most outstanding collection of accomplished contributors available! These drummers and more to be added, will be sending content that is not available anywhere else. If you are serious about drumming and becoming a better drummer, you have come to the right place…


  • Sean Reinert
  • Derek Roddy
  • Bobby Jarzombek
  • Dave Culross
  • Tim Yeung
  • George Kollias
  • Steve Asheim
  • Dirk Verbeuren
  • Franck Camus
  • Chris Pennie
  • Mike Smith
  • Charlie Zeleny
  • Adam Jarvis
  • Dross
  • Matt Thompson
  • Paul Wandtke
  • Bruce Moore
  • John Merryman
  • Dave Witte
  • Elliot Hoffman
  • Darren Cesca
  • Duane Timlin
  • Jeff Willet
  • Gus Rios
  • Eric Park
  • Tom Ales
  • Justin DiPinto
  • Paule Seidel
  • Mike Heller
  • Kevin Talley
  • Eyal Levi
  • Danny Walker
  • Sam Paulicelli
  • Nir Nakav

 We will be adding to this list, so keep an eye on who you will be learning from next!!