Alex Micklewright Featured On Jobeky Drums Website

Drummer and SDM columnist Alex Micklewright has been featured on the Jobeky Drums website.

Check out the feature here.



Jobeky has been making their electronic drums for over 5 years now. 
"We try hard to listen to drummers, not only do we make our drums to be as close in playability and feel to an acoustic drum as possible, but we importantly also like our drums to look like an acoustic drum. This is just part of our electro-acoustic design philosophy!
You can now create the kit that you want, by selecting Tom , Snare and Bass drum size and finish from either of the 2 ranges you can create your dream kit, all Jobeky drums will fit on standard acoustic hardware however we now have Gibraltar hardware if you don't already have any or racks. We also have Alesis new range of cymbals which are dual and Triple zone to complete your kit. so now your kit configuration is your choice.
This unmatched style and build quality means that Jobeky kits don’t look out of place – from the smallest most intimate environment, through to the largest stages, you can find examples of Jobeky kits getting on with the job. Add compact size possibilities to this, and they also become ideal for home practice and studio use, so no need to compromise. And to keep your drums protected we are pleased to now have Jobeky drum bags and also Jobeky drum rugs made in the UK by Baskey you can find these exciting products in the accessories section".

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