Marthyn Jovanovic Hand Technique Instructional Video Lesson


This hand technique video from Belphegor's Marthyn "Martin" Jovanovic is from issue 21 of Sick Drummer Magazine, available now for free!
During my last tours I got asked a lot about how I’m able to play consistent blast beats for longer periods of time. I often found myself in a situation where I tried to describe all the important aspects of playing consistent blast beats, the different techniques I use, the gear I use and how to stay in shape when you’re on tour etc… 
After endless drum talks I still felt that I might have forgotten something, or didn’t mention all of the important aspects that need to be mentioned for this kind of topic. This gave me  the idea of explaining my approach on technique and blast beats in a video.
My way of playing consistend single strokes on the drumkit is only one way of doing it. There are no wrong or rights when it comes to drumming, so this video is just meant to be a guide to explain how I’m doing what I’m doing.
If any of you have any further questions regarding my technique, feel free to contact me: marthyn[at]

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