Alex Rudinger ‘Fallen Disciples’ Video + Transcription

Canadian modern metal outfit Threat Signal has uploaded video footage of drummer Alex Rudinger recording the song Fallen Disciples


Alex Rudinger stated: "For this record I was given a lot of freedom to do what I wanted with the drums. As the writing process progressed this became more and more true as the guys got used to my writing style. I wanted to write interesting and challenging parts but most importantly still write for the song. It wouldn't have made sense for me to try and put truckin' double bass and blast beats all over the record when this band has never had anything like that before. I wanted to cater to the sound this band is known for, but still put my own twist on it and make it challenging in different ways. In the end this proved to be pretty challenging and fun in it of itself and I think I accomplished my goal. I'm happy with how a majority of the parts for this record turned out and I think they suit the music quite well."
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Check out the full PDF drum transcription here: