Kasey Helton -11yr Old Metal Drummer!

Kasey Helton -11yr Old Metal Drummer!Recycle to the Soil is a Florida based metal band with a lot of punch and a lot of fans. Originated in Sept. 2004 by Ray Helton, Recycle To The Soil has contributed their music to a nationally released compilation CD, recorded two full-length albums and recently added an addition to the band – 10 Yr Old Metal Drummer, Kasey Helton.

Growing up in a home full of music, Kasey had two guitars before he could even hold them. When he was seven, Kasey's interest seemed to lean towards the drums. Kasey formed a band with some of his neighborhood friends and even played a few shows at some local venues. Although Kasey has never had any formal drum training, he picked it up as if he was born to play.  His goal has always been to be on stage with his father, Ray Helton.  

When Recycle to the Soil lost their drummer, Kasey began to fill in at practices. As drummer auditions continued, Kasey was determined to be more than a fill-in. So earlier this year, it was decided that, Kasey, determined, dedicated and full of ambition, would be the new and permanent drummer for Recycle To The Soil. Not only has he contributed his talent for playing the drums but has also written some drum tracks for the new material, coming out soon.

We are booking shows presently. Recycle to the Soil is: Blake Abney, Vocals ~ Ray Helton, Lead Guitar ~ Mike Singletary, Bass Guitar ~ & Kasey Helton, Drums.