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DrumForge Releases Eyal Levi Expansion
Thursday, 06 August 2015 19:59

Drumforge collaborates with producer/songwriter Eyal Levi (The Black Dahlia Murder, Chelsea Grin, The Contortionist, Daath) to create a metal-focused drum sample library for musicians and producers. The drum sounds, as mixed and processed by Levi, were built using a combination of Drumforge 1 samples and Levi's custom sample collection.

Producers and musicians alike will find the library useful for writing and mixing all styles of heavy music. Drumforge offers this expansion at a limited time introductory price of $89 and is available for Kontakt 4 and 5 as well as Trigger formats. For more information visit: A video trailer can be seen on YouTube at:

Commented Eyal Levi: "These drums are slamming and aggressive, yet punchy and clear. And there's a wide enough variety of features to where they will be applicable in any heavy music scenario. I'm super proud of what I've been able to pull off with the awesome Drumforge team!"

Drumforge is your source for all original drum samples made to inspire and create powerful music. Stay tuned for more information.

Drumforge online...

Theories - Joe Axler - Shame - Drum-Cam Plus Tour Dates
Thursday, 09 July 2015 20:32

Seattle, WA based grind act Theories has been sowing the seeds of bleak, dark, and generally pissed off grind/metal in the pacific northwest since their inception in 2011. The band, comprised of current and former members Samothrace, Skarp, and Book of Black Earth, released their debut EP that same year. Their touring campaign followed shortly thereafter, and has taken them all over the US on nearly a dozen tours and to festivals including Maryland Death Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Southwest Terror Fest, and their most recent tour with new label mates, Cattle Decapitation. Vocalist Rick Powell, guitarist Lee McGlothlen, bassists Kush Karimi, and drummer Joe Axler are of a singular focus to tour as much as possible and to write hyper speed, violent music.

Enter 2014 and a new record deal with Metal Blade Records. Theories tracked Regression at The Red room and The Boiler Room with producer/engineer Derek Moree. Mixing and mastering was handled by Visceral Sound's Scott Hull. The result is one of the most belligerent releases from Metal Blade in recent memory - this is not grind for the weak of heart. At its core, Regression is about the downfall of one's own nation and all that it might encompass. Social unrest, economic uncertainty, mental anguish, environmental disasters - those left alive are lost and in ruins. Peace has solved nothing. Musically, the album reflects these themes, and on top of grind's prototypical hyper speed blasts, listeners will find moments of dissonant groove and clarity, as well guitar leads that are not often heard within the genre. As the LA Weekly recently observed, Theories are "bringing something new to the deathgrind table."



Remaining Tour Dates:

Theories w/ Goatwhore, Ringworm, Black Breath

Thursday July 9th - Washington DC - Rock & Roll Hotel

Friday July 10th - Nashville TN - The End

Saturday July 11th - Columbia SC - New Brooklyn Tavern

Sunday July 12th - Atlanta GA - The Earl

Theories w/ Black Breath

Monday July 13th - Lawrence KS - The Jackpot

Tuesday July 14th - Denver CO - The Moon Room

Wed July 15th - SLC Utah - Kilby Court

Thursday July 16th - Boise ID - The Shredder


Romain Goulon Instructional DVD ‘Metal Chops Matrix’ Available For Purchase
Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:11

Romain Goulon’s Metal Chops Matrix Instructional DVD is made for drummers who want to play modern metal with a beneficial consideration of drumming history, from jazz fusion to extreme metal. Learn how to build up techniques, practice routines, and use inspiration for the best potential.

Let's dive into the most important parameter of rhythm… the time. Note values and lengths display on the metal grid, while sound, groove, time stretching and improvisation from a general open-minded vision, bring a full elasticity of patterns.


  • Double bass workout and techniques
  • Hand techniques and blast beats
  • RLX improvisation method for working on reflexes and multi-style chops
  • Time stretching, odd time signatures, building patterns, polyrhythm and polymeters
  • Two songs drum-cams from the band Cognizance, and one RG song


It's not only a video where you learn skills, but also a philosophy about metal drumming. How to deal with your body when learning techniques, how to deal with "bad days" and troubles you may have on the feet, and how we are all different. Of course, it talks about blast beats, hand techniques and foot techniques. It shows the matter of cymbal notes and uses, with tab notation, how to think about the drums with a melodic approach, by separating drum lines and cymbal lines.

What's the percentage of written patterns/skills and improvisation in your songs ?

I wanted to show how you can mix "mechanical/pre-written" skills with improvisation inspired by fusion and gospel drummers that add dynamic and groove. How practicing open-minded drumming may considerably improve your musicality.

Improvisation in this DVD can be improved by the "RLX" method whose the principle is based on limb reflexes. The other part that matters a lot to me is all the knowledge of the "grid" of time. Odd measures, odd grouping, rhythmic illusions. I think that's where the most spectacular advancements go. Nowadays, musicians have a better and better knowledge of the grid, with polyrhythms and polymeters, but it's only the beginning.

To order the DVD:

Video on Demand Digital version in FullHD:



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