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Rich Grindon
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 19:49


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I started playing in 1991 when I was 11 years old. My early influences included Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Death, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvarna, Guns n Roses, Suffocation and many others.
Playing in various thrash and death metal bands until I was 21, I moved over to the lighter side of drumming, jazz, funk, and break beats in 2000 and spent the next few years playing in fusion project “papastachio” and Prog metal outfit “Sidethrow of The Space Ninja”until joining Insidious in 2007. I like all kinds of music and try to incorporate many influences in my playing.
I am Currently writing albums with “Lordaeron” and “Insidious” and will be touring extensively this year with Lordaeron, along with session work, teaching and volunteering in local community projects.
Rich Grindon Interview:
SDM: How old were you when you started playing?
Rich: 11 and a half. The half was important back then!
SDM: Did you play in a school band or any drum corps?
Rich: No, my mates all chose different instruments so we started a band pretty quickly. We used to skive off lessons and hang out in the music room jamming, much to the delight of the teachers who's lesson we should have been in!
SDM: Who are your top 5 metal influences?
Rich: Always a tough one to answer! Sean Reinert, Nick Menza, George kollias, Dave lombardo, and Tomas haake are the first ones to come to mind, but so many metal drummers have influenced me. I try and take influence from any drummer I hear.
SDM: Who are some other of your favorites?
Rich: Derek Roddy, Tim Alexander, Morgan Agren, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donnati, Thomas Lang, Panos Vassilopolous, Dave Culross, Gene Hoglan, Tony Royster Jr, Martin Horntveth, Tim Waterson, Dave Wekl, Chad Smith, and Gary Thomas to name but a few!
SDM: Let us know 5 CD's that are in your current rotation
Gill Scott Heron: Reflections
Primus: Frizzle Fry
Jaga Jassist: A Livingroom Hush
Death: Human
Planet X: Quantum
SDM: What do you do to warm up before a show?
Rich: I ALWAYS warm up before a show! Stick rudiments, singles, doubles, tripples, quadruples, both in my preferred grip (match) and with pivot rolls. Kick drum warm ups, singles and doubles, and whatever food is available on the rider :)
SDM: Do you read music? Regardless of answering yes or no, please tell us how it might have effected your playing?
Rich: Yes, although I have only been able to start reading drum music to any usable level in the last 2 years. It is SO important to learn it, and I wish I had earlier! As good as any persons ear is, sometimes it really helps to see exactly what technique is being used and the subtle difference that has on the sound. Being able to sight read is a good skill for any session drummer.
SDM: Can you tell us about the gear you use?
Rich: I've recently upgraded a lot of my equipment, currently I'm using 2 A custom crashes (16” +18”) 1 Zildjian A custom 12” splash, Sabian AAX 10”splash, Vintage Zildjian ride, (that I paid 25 quid for about 5 years ago, and it still sounds good!) Wuhan 15” china, Sabian AAXteme 16” china, and a drilled pair of Zildjian ZXT Hihats. I've just got an Axis A21 laser double kick pedal, which is awesome! I'm using 8*, 10”, 12”, and 16” Tama Rockstar rack toms, i've switched from Vic Firth 7AN to Vic Firth 5AN sticks, (mainly for pivot rolls), and still with the Pearl Masters custom snare. I'm still using my Roland KD-85 kick drum, until i've found the sweet spots on my Axis! :)
SDM: If you could give one piece of advice to young drummers, it would be...
Rich: Learn to play music not just drums, and be prepared to play anything.
SDM: Who gave the best live performance you've ever seen?
Rich: Thats a split between Sean Reinert/Cynic in Nottingham on their “Traced in Air” tour, and Martin Horntveth/Jaga Jassist in Leeds march 2009. both were stunning!
SDM: Aside from drumming, what else do you like to do?
Rich: Fire spinning (nun-chaku), writing songs, reading, console games, (Tekken 6 mainly....PSNetwok ID: Gritzle if anyone’s ever online!), drinking and general partying, playing Guitar/Bass Guitar, cooking, MMA, Gadgets (i'm a bit of a geek!) sleeping, Charity work, watching films and eating. Carn't forget eating. :)

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