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Tuesday, 20 March 2007 14:48

Join the growing number of SICK Metal drummers and try out some GrindStix ! Marco Pitruzzella has been playing them on tour with "The Faceless" and Adam Jarvis of Misery Index loves playing his 2B's. We are currently reviewing many endorsement requests and believe me, we will review each and every one.

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GrindStix is out to change the way endorsements have been handled! Please be patient, there is much to look through and each request is completely reviewed! Some of our other Endorsed Artists include: Roger Watson, John Longstreth, Drew Button, Duane Timlin, Eric Park, John Glassbrenner and many more.... Check Them Out!!  

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0 # 2010-03-03 02:33
I'm a 21 year old Metal drummer from Ottawa, Ontario who plays in a band called Paradigm Divide. I've been playing drums for six years. I'm looking for an endorsement deal with Grindstix. In return I would advertise Grindstix and Sick Drummer Magazine on my bands myspace page.

Thank you for time Grindstix/SDM,

Matthew Stolarik
613 286 7321

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