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Exhumed North American Tour With Suffocation To Commence Next Week
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 17:48
Drummer Mike Hamilton and Exhumed will take to the streets again this April on a near month long North American rampage alongside headliners, death metal icons Suffocation. The live assaults commence April 4th on Long Island, New York and will level nearly two dozen cities before coming to a close in April 28th in Hartford, Connecticut. Additional support will be provided by Jungle Rot, Rings of Saturn, Adimiron and Lord of War (on select dates).
Says Exhumed’s Matt Harvey, he of the decrepit death rattle and repugnant requiems: “We're beyond psyched to hit the road with long-time faves of ours, Suffocation. This tour will bring all you maniacs one of the heaviest nights of your lives! We couldn't think of a better way to start our tour cycle for 2013 and get people stoked for our upcoming record. We will be debuting some new tracks and have a new show and set ready to melt your face and make you reevaluate your life decisions. We’ll see all your ugly faces in April for a celebration of guts, grog and grotesqueries! Excelsior!”
Elaborates Harvey: “We're totally psyched about the Decibel flexi! I remember getting the D.R.I. Manifest Destiny flexi in RIP Magazine and the Sabbat Blood For The Blood God flexi in White Dwarf back in the day, so it's killer to carry on in that tradition. We've talked about doing it ever since we got back together, so I'm more surprised that [editor Albert] Mudrian actually let me write about the SF Giants [included in the baseball preview of the same issue], to be honest. But anyway, the track ‘The Beginning After The End’ is something we did during the latest recording sessions, so it will give folks some idea of the sound and vibe of the new record. Hopefully this track will inspire some curiosity and headbanging, as well as increase the sales of Natural Ice beer and home pregnancy tests. It's also part of our incredibly savvy and calculated promotional campaign designed to get as many of you filthy maniacs out in force for our tour with Suffocation this month, so come on down and let's get weird!”
Exhumed w/ Suffocation, Jungle Rot, Rings of Saturn, Adimiron, Lord of War *
4/04/2013 89 North - Long Island, NY
4/05/2013 St. Vitus Bar - New York, NY
4/06/2013 The Note - Philadelphia, PA
4/07/2013 St. Andrews - Detroit, MI
4/08/2013 Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
4/09/2013 Wooly’s Des Moines, IA
4/10/2013 The Marquis - Denver, CO
4/11/2013 The Venue - Boise, ID
4/12/2013 The Hop - Spokane, WA
4/13/2013 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA*
4/14/2013 Hawthorne - Portland, OR*
4/15/2013 Metro Opera House - Oakland, CA*
4/16/2013 Th Vex - Los Angeles, CA
4/17/2013 901 Live - Tempe, AZ *
4/19/2013 Trees - Dallas, TX
4/20/2013 Korova - San Antonio, TX
4/21/2013 Chameleon Room - Oklahoma City, OK
4/22/2013 Riot Room - Kansas City, MO
4/23/2013 Reggie’s Chicago, IL
4/24/2013 Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
4/25/2013 Empire - Springfield, VA
4/26/2013 WreckRoom - Toronto, ON
4/27/2013 Cub Soda - Montreal, QC
4/28/2013 Webster theatre - Hartford, CT

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