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JP Andrade - Pyrithion "The Invention of Hatred" Drum Play-Through
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 02:20

JP Andrade is from NJ, is 24 and has been playing since 8 years of age. Has played with At Rest, The Breathing Process, plays with Windfaerer, Grimus, and will be playing NEMF with Allegaeon this year on the same night as Anthrax. He was recently accepted into the Berklee College of Music where he hopes to start in the fall. You can keep up with J.P on his facebook page here:
Pyrithion "The Invention of Hatred" Features JP Andrade on drums, Ryan Glisan (Allegaeon) on guitars, Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) vocals and Andy Godwin (ex - The Famine) on guitars. Bass duties on the EP were handled by Ryan, Andy and Josh Gilbert, also of As I Lay Dying.
The tracks were recorded in October of 2012 at Lambesis Studios, with Daniel Castleman. It's a 3 song EP entitled "The Burden of Sorrow" which drops April 16, 2013 on Metal Blade Records.
JP used the following gear in the video and during tracking:
  • DrumCraft Series 8 Drums: 8, 10, 14, 16 toms, a 22x20 bass drum and 13x7 Gretsch Mahogany snare
  • Remo Clear Ambassadors on toms, Powerstroke 3 on bass drum, Evans HD Dry on snare
  • Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Pedals
  • TRX Cymbals: 13" Dark Hi-hats, 16" Dark Crash, 16" Stacker and a 20" LTD Crash Ride
  • Electronics: CAD Mics, Presonus Firestudio Project Interface and Reaper Recording Software
  • Gibraltar Throne



Singer Tim Lambesis, best known for his work as the front man of As I Lay Dying, explains: "I have wanted to do a heavier and more traditionally metal band for a while. Being that I own a recording studio, I thought a great place to start was by asking my engineer who the best guitar player is that he has recorded. I wanted to team him up with one of my favorite guitar players growing up." 
Shortly thereafter, Ryan Glisan from Allegaeon and Andy Godwin (ex-The Famine, Embodyment) began sending ideas back and forth. Those ideas would form the foundations of the first three Pyrithion songs. Glisan elaborates further on the band's expedited origin, "When Tim first reached out to me to ask if I was interested in starting a new project, I was really intrigued as to where the overall sound would go. Given the short time frame we had to work with, the "newness" of all the members, and an uncertainty of an overall direction, I wasn't initially 100% confident in how the end product would turn out. After spending a weekend collaborating, recording these initial 3 songs, and beginning to write new songs going forward, I can say with absolute confidence now that this band will be a major force in the metal scene." 
Pyrithion's debut release, The Burden of Sorrow, stands as a showcase of what the members are capable of putting together over what merely amounted to an extended weekend. The total potential in Pyrithion is incredible and there is much anticipation for how the band will continue to develop as they prepare for a full length record.

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