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Double Bass Mania Metal Drum Loops
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 23:48

Double Bass Mania IV unleashes a powerful collection of groove and power metal drum loops and brings live head- pounding grooves to multiple genres of metal songwriting.

Double Bass Mania IV lays down the brutal groove. With a cohesive collection of grooves spanning tempos from 90 bpm heavy rock to 120 bpm power metal, Double Bass Mania IV features the grooves to take any metal project to new levels of ferocity. Intense rhythmic figures as well as straight-ahead grooves to deliver the goods to all metal songwriters, Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal is the only commercial drum sample library dedicated to this genre.

A two-CD set of 1100+ hard-driving, earth-shattering metal grooves, Double Bass Mania IV is focused in the 90-120 bpm tempo range. Recorded with the same power and aggression of Double Bass Mania III but bringing the metronome down some, Double Bass Mania IV will give your metal chops a true workout.  Double Bass Mania IV will take your metal music to the next level of power and realism. 

This new collection of metal grooves is a must for all Double Bass Mania III owners as well as anyone needing heavy grooves in the vein of Pantera, Lamb of God, and other groove-intensive metal bands. If you already own DBM III, then this is an obvious addition - giving you all the complementary tempos for breakdowns.

If you're a metal guitarist, bassist, or songwriter, Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal is the drum sample library you need for speed and brutality.

Double Bass Mania IV Groove Metal Drum Tracks Features:

  • Suitable for all genres and forms of metal and metal hybrid styles
  • 1100+ double bass grooves, variations, fills, one shots
  • Focused Range of Tempos: 90, 100, 110, and 120 BPM
  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drum loops are taken from the SAME recording session   (all grooves, fills, one shots, etc., are sonically-matched)
  • Change tempos.   Change feels. Change time signatures
  • Fully compatible for use with Double Bass Mania III
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: All drums used in recording Double Bass Mania IV are included as a multi-velocity sample collection
  • Add single voice accents where needed or sequence custom patterns

Disc Stats:

Two-CD set with 1100+ original, license-free drum loops and drum/cymbal samples. All loops and samples are available in 16/44 or 24/44 WAV and APPLE (AIFF) format. REX2 format update to follow.

255 multi-velocity drum and cymbal hits. Includes all drums used as well as crashes, chinas, rides and hats.  Additional Material: Endings, breakdowns, extended fills. The library is available now via instant download or on CD.

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0 # 2016-01-03 05:41
J'applique uniquement de l'argile et de la flotte (un bon coup d'eau glaciale sur le
visage plusieurs fois par jour) Je ne sais pas quelle conséquence ç'a pour la
pousse de la barbe, en tout cas je n'ai plus de gros boutons
depuis des mois, et très rarement des petits.

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