Samus Theory

Playing In 7 By Paul Wandtke

May 4, 2009 0

Paul is pleased to be the new powerhouse for The Sammus Theory. Check out their current tour schedule at Paul is also running a contest right now for some pretty Sick Prizes! Check out […]

Paul Wandtke Reading Basics

The Importance of Reading By Paul Wandtke

April 24, 2009 0

Hey sick drummers around the world, it's Paul Wandtke here, letting you know that I'll be giving a lesson series for the next six issues of Sick Drummer Magazine!  These lessons will be packed full […]

Duane Timlin

Duane Timlin On Playing In Germany

April 15, 2009 0

We received some questions from "Great Awakening", a young thrash band from Florida, who are in the process of signing a deal to play a summer festival series in Germany.  The band had some questions […]

No Picture

Steve Bolognese – Diagnosis Terminal

February 27, 2009 0

Hey Everybody! The piece transcribed by Bill Ricciardelli is a sort of pre-chorus to Into Eternity's chart-bustin smash hit "Diagnosis Terminal ". I decided to do the transcription after many questions about what exactly is […]

No Picture

Practice Routines: By Travis Orbin

February 19, 2009 0

Possessing a structured practice routine can be extremely beneficial to one's playing. I am oftentimes approached by musicians that feel as if they either do not practice as much as they should/would like to, doodle around too much […]

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