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Paul Wandtke – Mixing 5 & 7

January 2, 2010 0

Hey Sick Drummers! This lesson marks the final lesson of my six-lesson series with SD magazine and in it we are going to examine different ways of combining the two time-feels of 5 and 7.  […]

“Bite The Pain” Video and Transcription

September 13, 2009 0

We are very happy to introduce Wilfred Ho, a new contributor to SD Magazine! Wilfred will be providing transcriptions and video examples of various metal songs for Sick Drummer Magazine, so feel free to leave […]

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Paul Wandtke – Playing In Five – Lesson 1

September 1, 2009 0

Hey Sick Drummers! In the previous two lessons we learned how to play and approach seven. We did this by exploring three basic time signatures in seven, and by checking out some counting and grouping […]

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Sean Reinert Lesson – The Hi-hat Foot

September 1, 2009 0

Don’t Forget About Your Friend, The Hi-Hat Foot! By: Sean Reinert – September 2009 For most hard rock and metal drummers, the heart of the groove is in the kick and snare.  In jazz, the […]

Samus Theory

Playing In 7 Expanded – By Paul Wandtke

June 30, 2009 0

Paul is pleased to be the new powerhouse for The Sammus Theory. Check out their current tour schedule at Hey sick drummers, it’s time to check out some ways on how to group and […]

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